Building a Collective Race Equity Voice in Education: Follow our Blog

For more than 30 years,  MnEEP has worked to be a voice and advocate for the lived education experiences of people of color and American Indians in Minnesota. Our work in partnership with communities of color, higher education, and K-12 institutions is dedicated to increasing the success of students of color. As an organization that shapes policy, we seek to transform institutions and ensure leaders uphold education equity. Our work is guided by principles of racial equality, race equity, and educational excellence.

In our ongoing effort to build collaborative relationships that are important for creating change, we want to continue to share the great work and thought leadership housed here at MnEEP with you.

Beginning this week, you’ll see more stories and commentary that speak to one of our 5 Big Bold Goals. We’ll rotate through the goals weekly, and also engage on broader, timely topics like we recently have on Charlottesville and on DACA. Our dedicated staff will also share commentary on the relevancy of MnEEP’s work to related news stories or reports, while also providing more insight, resources, and tools for committing to race equity and educational excellence.

Our views are shaped by what we value, and what we value is based on what matters in race equity:

  • Equity Matters
  • Justice Matters
  • Critical Thinking and Self-Actualization Matters
  • History Matters
  • Relationships Matter

We invite you join the conversation and make a commitment to race equity in Minnesota. Check out our blog (with a new website coming soon!), and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more news and resources. We also invite you to engage with the posts, so feel free to comment on and share what you see.

Thank you for your continued support! We’ll see you online!

Carlos Mariani Rosa

Executive Director, MnEEP


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