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Race Equity and Excellence in Education Network (REEEN)

Leading with an equity lens: Lessons from REEEN in the MN education ecosystem

Education leaders, community members, and students comprise the Race Equity and Excellence in Education Network (REEEN) to inform important equity planning in Greater Minnesota. We have learned a lot from these partnerships and from our role in building the capacity of leaders and communities to use an equity lens in their equity planning, leading, and systems change work. 

Here are some important lessons we have learned, and how we can continue to use them to build race equity in education:

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Equity Scorecard: How to measure progress in education equity

Across the state, both K-12 schools and higher education institutions are increasingly committing to clear equity goals and policies to address educational disparities and systemic inequality. While these are important improvements, they question is often: How  are they  measuring progress of these new policies and practices to advance race equity?

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