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CVP & Leadership Institute

Culturally Validating Pedagogy & Leadership Institute

Race equity training and implementation for educational institutions

We provide comprehensive support for educational institutions to create high-quality, culturally validating pedagogy and leadership for racially just education systems. 

Implementation and training is organized into four phases that work collectively and independently. So whether you’re just beginning your journey or you’ve been engaged for a while, the phases are designed to help you build capacity to advance racial equity and excellence in education.

The four phases include:

1. Collaborating & engaging

Race equity systems analysis

A dynamic process that increases consciousness and engages stakeholders in gathering and reflecting on data and input about current realities.

2. Re-envisioning & shifting

Race equity foundations

Deeper exploration of capacity, conviction, and strategic decision-making for centering and aligning race equity in mission, vision, and values.

graphic illustration of people meeting virtually and putting the puzzle pieces together for their equity planning

3. Planning & strategizing

Strategic equity planning

Building commitment through strategic planning and goal-setting that impacts lived racial, social, and marginalized experiences.

4. Developing & training

Race equity implementation

Enacting commitment and building capacity through culturally validating pedagogy and culturally validating leadership development.

Let's build racially just school systems in Minnesota

Reach out to learn more about our Culturally Validating Pedagogy & Leadership Institute and tell us how we can help you or your organization advance racial equity.

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