Join Us! School Climate Network launching May 20th

MnEEP recently launched our newest resource for building racial equity, the Justice in Education Toolkit.

Since then, we’ve had two excellent Justice in Education Town Halls with school leaders, educators, and students to talk about building a powerful School Climate Network that can work together to address discipline disparities and disproportionality in special education placement for students of color and American Indian students in Minnesota.

More than 150 people registered our #EndDisciplineDisparitiesMN discussion on April 8th, and nearly 100 people registered or our #StudentsDemandChangeMN Youth Forum on April 29th, in partnership with MN Youth Alliance. 

We thank you for your feedback and work, and invite you to join us on May 20th, from 4pm-5:30pm, for our official School Climate Network launch on Zoom!

Let’s gather to talk about our opportunities to continue to work together to advance the six leading policy and practice guidelines outlined in our research and policy brief Excluded, and continue to build momentum together for creating real change.

The MnEEP School Climate Network aims to provide a safe, liberating space for educators and advocates to grow, learn, and lead around racial equity in Minnesota classrooms.

We hope you will join us!

Register now!

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