MnEEP is hiring a College Racial Equity Initiative Coordinator

Minnesota Education Equity Partnership (MnEEP) is searching for a College Equity Initiative Coordinator to lead our racial equity work focused on shifting policies and practices in Minnesota’s post-secondary education delivery systems.

This is a full- time, exempt position which will work with a collaborative advisory group and reports directly to the Executive director. Funding is secured for at least two years.

Please send cover letter, resume and three references to:

This position will remain open until filled.


College Racial Equity Initiative Coordinator

REPORTS TO:  Executive Director

POSITION:  Full-time exempt


The College Racial Equity Initiative Coordinator facilitates the Big Bold Goal (BBG) #5 of MnEEP’s Strategic Plan. This is collaborative work coordinated with the College Race Equity Access and Advocacy Committee (CREAAC) and is focused on shifting Minnesota post-secondary policies and practices to align with the unique realities of students who are people of color and Indigenous peoples (POCI)

The Coordinator will contribute to research, analysis, policy related to race equity in post-secondary education. This person is highly skilled in managing and implementing program initiatives, in analyzing information and organizing collective efforts that seek to shift systemic behaviors and policies for advancing race equity and excellence in education and in powerfully communicating such efforts. This position requires a great deal of flexibility and drive and the ability to manage multiple priorities.


  1. Programmatic Duties
  1. Coordinate and lead MnEEP’s program initiative for MnEEP’s BBG #5 – MN College Access Network (MCAN)
  2. Design, develop and provide support for MnEEP advocacy networks to advance policies and practices that further racial equity in post-secondary access and success
  3. Identify, guide, help publish research and policy development for college racial equity
  4. Coordinate public convenings (e.g. workshops, community gatherings, etc.).
  5. Develop communications strategy and messaging to advance racial equity in post-secondary access and success.
  6. Develop tools for various interested parties (e.g. students, parents, instructors, etc.) to equip themselves with knowledge and develop advocacy will to work for policy and practice changes for racial equity in post-secondary access and success.
  • MnEEP Organizational Duties
  • Provide leadership staff support for, and facilitate meetings and advocacy work of, the MnEEP College Race Equity Advisory Council (CREAAC)
  • Establish and maintain connections to higher education and equity local and national networks and groups
  • Establish and maintain a bank of resources, narratives, and updates on MnEEP website and online tools.
  • Develop and maintain a database of stakeholders and participants
  • Report work and progress to MnEEP Executive Director
  • Provide information for BBG #5 MCAN fund development
  • Advise Executive Director on BBG #5 budget needs
  • Conduct self-evaluations of BBG #5 MCAN
  • Attend staff meetings and retreats and engage in team work to connect BBG #5 MCAN to other BBGs and to advance MnEEP’s overall mission
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director
  • Represent MnEEP at public meetings, events and with funders
  • Participate in organizational communication work to influence public perception and understanding of education race equity and of MnEEP’s work.


The desired candidate can:

  • Demonstrate past efforts in, and commitment to, racial equity and higher education excellency
    • Handle multiple priorities/tasks/projects effectively
    • Show to be self-motivated, is a self-starter and a learner, yet open to take directions and suggestions
    • Demonstrate skills to:
  • organize action groups
  • convene meetings
  • facilitate groups
  • develop and implement program initiatives with goals
    • Show examples of proven, effective communication skills (oral and written, plus presenting in front of groups)
    • Share examples of how to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with various communities and stakeholders
    • Have an inquiring and curious mind to research, to analyze and to synthesize data/situation/policy/financials


  • A strong knowledge and experience in racial equity work in education is a must
    • Bachelor’s degree or extensive relevant experience required.
  • An advanced degree in public policy, education or a related field is desirable
  • Project planning and implementation experience
  • Experience working in multi-sector collaborative efforts is highly desired.
  • Understanding of, and experience working with, communities of color/indigenous communities.
    • Experience working in K-12, post-secondary, corporate and community-based settings is a plus.
  • Ability to work both independently and within a team environment
  • Ability to write policy briefs and policy recommendations for a legislative body
  • Ability to research and synthesize information on education and policy topics
  • Work experience managing projects and people
  • Passionate about the mission to advance race equity and excellence in education

Compensation: $65,000 per annum plus benefits. While an independent organization, MnEEP is part of the Augsburg University employee benefits package.

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