November elections: What Minnesotans need to know on race equity issues

At MnEEP, our 5 Big Bold Goals  form the heart of our strategy to promote race equity in Minnesota’s delivery of education for E-16 students. Our state has wide racial disparities—spanning elementary school experiences, through high school and into post-secondary experiences —that continue to produce lower academic outcomes for student of color. While increasingly aware and with growing efforts to address, Minnesota nonetheless continues to struggle with transforming the practices and policies of its educational institutions needed to turn these results around.

Leadership matters —at all levels, including the leadership that comes from the state governor’s office. The Governor is a major shaper of state policies that —using the power of tax resources, regulations, accountability, and moral persuasion—can strongly influence the will, speed, and skills our schools, colleges, and communities need to produce a racially equitable, high-quality educational opportunity for all students, particularly for our students of color and American Indian students.

With that in mind, as Minnesotans make a vitally important decision on who their next governor and lawmakers shall be, MnEEP will produce a series of blogs over the coming weeks to engage readers with key education race equity issues to consider as they make their decisions. We will use the 5 Big Bold Goals as a guide for that reflection.

In the meantime, check out a recent article in MinnPost that looks at the two governor candidates’  approaches to school funding, teacher pay, and school safety.

For a further dive into each of the two major party candidate’s education platform read Tim Walz’s “21st Century for Every Child” and Jeff Johnson’s “Action Plan for MN: Education”  .

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Carlos Mariani Rosa is a distinguished leader in the nonprofit and public sector. Under his tenure, Minnesota Education Equity Partnership has increasingly strengthened its voice as a statewide authority on students of color in Minnesota.
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