Race Equity & Excellence in Education Network

MnEEP’s Race Equity & Excellence in Education Network works to build strategic models and collaborations with families, community members, and school leaders across Greater Minnesota to develop plans for promoting race equity in that region. Through capacity-building and collaborations with local stakeholders in education, communities of color and Native American voices, local business leaders, and community members, we can work to develop solutions for achieving community-created race equity goals.

The Race Equity & Excellence in Education Network model

The Race Equity & Excellence in Education Network model is built on emerging research on building successful community collaboratives that includes analysis on Promise Neighborhoods; the Annenberg Institute’s “Smart Cities, Smart Districts” research; research from Dr. Ron Ferguson’s Achievement Gap Institute at Harvard University; and resources from the White House’s Community Collaboratives Toolbox.

Developing regional action plans

The first phase includes facilitating community-wide meetings to engage community members and get feedback regarding race equity achievement gaps.

MnEEP work with local leadership teams (Promise to Act Teams) in each community who will represent various stakeholders in the creation of a Promise to Act action plan.

Key components include:

  • Deliberate alignment toward what works – Build on research-based best practices and others’ successes.
  • Key race equity policy recommendations for systemic change.
  • Effective leadership and governance – Facilitate shared and committed leadership from various community leaders.
  • Use of data to set the agenda and improve over time – Invest in the collection and use of data to identify problem areas, set goals, create action strategies, and track progress.
  • Organizing community members as partners and producers of impact – Root programs in community opinions – work to create shared vision.
  • Providing measurement tools to measure impact of Plans

For more information on this Race Equity and Excellence in Education Planning Process, please contact REEEN Director, Jennifer Godinez at jgodinez@mneep.org or call 651-645-7400 x203

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