Equity Institutes with School Leaders

The network provides training for local school board members on the history of communities of color and American Indian students with U.S. education policy, the use of an equity lens in decision-making, case studies on equity frameworks and schools, and equity policy tools to dismantle systemic racism and bias in school communities.

MnEEP staff and hired consultants have developed presentation topics and facilitation questions to assist school boards through important conversations such as:

  • A Review of Opportunity Gaps in your district
  • A Review of Recent Minnesota State of Students of Color and American Indians Data: Implications for School Districts
  • Best Practices in Applying an Equity Lens to Governance and setting Equity Policies
  • Best Practices in the Application of an Equity Scorecard to measure changes in your district
  • Leading with Equity by Listening to Community’s Input in Policy-Making
  • History of Communities of Color and American Indians in U.S. Education Policies and Practices

Please send us an email at jgodinez@mneep.org or call 651-645-7400 x203 to request a presentation or series of trainings with toolkit resources.  We can tailor services to your district community’s needs and opportunities.


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