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Join the movement to build racial justice in education

We're building an education system in Minnesota where each student can thrive.

Advancing race equity and excellence in education means the humanity of students of color and Indigenous students (POCI) is honored and uplifted in all education spaces, and the racial predictability and disproportionality of student achievement is eliminated in Minnesota schools.

Join us to help transform education policies, practices, and public narratives to build a more racially just education system where each student has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

MnEEP's Community

We’re building a multiracial movement alongside students, parents, educators, district leaders, higher ed leaders, and community members—Minnesotans just like you—to advance racial justice and educational excellence in Minnesota’s education systems. Join us! 

Our Community

Our 2023 Legislative Priorities

Now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to build an education system where each student has what they need to succeed, and the deep racial disparities in our education systems are eliminated.

We must take bold action now to build an education system where each student is valued and uplifted in all education spaces.

Removing barriers to higher-ed

Supporting EL/EML students & educators

Advancing accelerated learning for POCI students

Our Vision

Our Five Big Bold Goals for building race equity

At Minnesota Education Equity Partnership (MnEEP), we center Five Core Areas and Five Big Bold Goals for building a path from hope to education justice. One where we fundamentally transform the historical systems and structures of racism in ourselves, our institutions, and our communities to build an education system rooted in healing, joy, and opportunity. 

Minnesota educational leaders and cultural communities create equitable education systems, structures, and public narratives.

Minnesota educational systems are designed to bring POCI students into relationships with schools and teachers that promote their human dignity.

Minnesota educational systems advance racially and culturally responsive teaching and learning environments for teachers and students.

Minnesota educational leaders embrace the language and culture of each student, and value the home language of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Asian students as vital for their academic success.

Minnesota higher-education systems are transformed to be racially just, responsive, and accessible for students of color and American Indian students.

Our Model

Working together to transform systems

To build a prosperous future for all Minnesotans, we must fundamentally transform the historical systems and structures that continue to disenfranchise students of color and American Indian students in Minnesota.

MnEEP works alongside communities, educators, districts, and racial equity advocates at every level of systems change to inform, shape, and build a better education system that honors the goals and needs of POCI students and ensures each student in Minnesota has the opportunity to thrive.


Using a race equity lens to guide essential research, policy recommendations, and best practices for advancing racial equity and excellence in all education spaces


Working alongside education leaders and race equity advocates to inform, shape, and advocate for core policies that support the success of Minnesota’s POCI students.


Supporting families, communities, students, districts, educators, and higher-ed staff and faculty in building a movement for racial equity and excellence in education.


Deepening relationships, sharing insights, and building best practices and advocacy for advancing race equity and excellence in education in Minnesota.

Educator Leadership Services

Providing training, educator support, and race equity planning for districts and institutions across the state.

Narrative Change

Shifting perceptions and narratives to build meaningful connections, deepen understanding, and increase advocacy for building a racially just education system.

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You can advance education equity in Minnesota

We’re transforming practices, policies, and public narratives to build an education system—and a Minnesota—where everyone can build the lives they deserve.

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