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MnEEP higher-ed convenings: What we learned and what’s next

Thank you to all attendees for the work you to do advance racial equity in higher ed!

This school year, MnEEP’s College Race Equity Advocacy Advisory Council (CREAAC) collaborated with higher-ed leaders, staff, faculty, students, and advocates to hold two powerful and inspiring Race Equity in Higher Ed Convenings alongside two partner institutions, Bethel University and Minnesota State.

These collaborative spaces offered critical opportunities for higher education leaders, faculty, staff, students, and advocates to:

  • forge powerful cross-sector collaborations;
  • build meaningful connections;
  • and gain the collective knowledge, skill, and will essential for advancing racial equity, belonging, and academic success for students who are people of color and Indigenous (POCI).

Since 2023, more than 500 participants have gathered to join a multicultural, multiracial movement across higher-ed institutions to share, build, and advance promising practices and policies for racial equity in higher education.

This year, we focused on promising practices for building higher-ed institutions of belonging, exploring together:

  • Updates on new higher-ed policies and objectives for 2024.
  • Ways to engage and learn from each other in creating effective practices and fostering campuses that embrace racial equity and belonging.
  • Insights into how higher-ed institutions are adapting following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn affirmative action, and effective tactics for increasing racial diversity and racial equity.
  • How to prioritize belonging and racial equity as foundational pillars of Minnesota’s higher education system.

And so much more that was shared, built upon, and turned into action plans and commitments for advancing racial equity in higher ed.

Thank you to this year’s partners, Bethel University and Minnesota State, for your expertise, insights, voices, and commitment to advancing race equity!

We’re honored to work alongside these race equity champions to build a higher-ed system that honors the assets and aspirations of Minnesota’s students of color and American Indian students.


If you missed the last one, don’t worry! Look for our next higher-ed convening in the fall of 2024! We look forward to connecting, conspiring, and celebrating with you as we continue this critical work together!

MnEEP Staff

Led by People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) thought leaders and experts, MnEEP uses a race equity lens to develop and advance networks, practices, research, and policies to dismantle racism in education and build a more just, equitable society.

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