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2004: State of Students of Color

Welcome to the second MnEEP State of Student of Color Report. When we released the first Report two years ago it was our hope that it would contribute to Minnesota’s efforts in better educating students of color. We wanted the reader to better know who these students are, where they live, what they face, what they aspire to and why they matter. We felt that communities of color are heavily populated by bright individuals whose gifts and abilities were being missed by the current array of standardized assessments.

At MnEEP we have come to suspect that by focusing only on closing the achievement gap as the major goal of education in communities of color we may not be telling students of color what they need to hear in order to be driven to achieve. No one aspires to close a disparity. Rather, they aspire to achieve something meaningful in their lives, assuming that they are aware of that meaning, are supported in the discovery of that meaning and are provided access to the places where they can obtain the credentials that can turn aspiration into reality.

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