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Solutions Not Suspensions: 2013 Policy Brief

This brief covers:

I. Behavior and Learning in U.S. Classrooms: Research on the overuse and negative outcomes of suspensions in schools.

II. Racial Disparities in Suspension Rates Nationwide: Overview of what gaps exist between African American
male students and all other students in regards to school suspensions in the U.S.

III. The Discipline Gap in Minnesota Schools: An analysis of Minnesota’s Discipline gap and analysis of local
school district case study.

IV. It’s Time for Change: Examples of Discipline Reform in the U.S.: Brief descriptions of what school districts
have done to reform school discipline policies and the positive results.

V. Local Conclusions and Recommendations from MMEP to Address the Racial Discipline Gap in MN: Discipline policy reform recommendations crafted by the MMEP Solutions Not Suspensions’ Collaborative Policy Teams.

States should be encouraged to reform their rules pertaining to school discipline, where appropriate, to ensure local districts and charter schools provide preventive services in the first instance; if formal discipline is necessary, afford students and their families ample due process; and require high-quality alternative education for any student expelled or removed from a traditional school setting.” —For Each and Every Child—A Strategy for Education Equity and Excellence U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C., 2013

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