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Advancing race equity in higher ed

June higher-ed convening links, tools, and resources

Check out our Race Equity in Higher Ed Toolkit

We’re collaborating to build tools, resources, policies, and advocacy for building a more racially just higher education system in Minnesota. Check it out and help us shape what’s next!

Higher Ed Toolkit

Learn more about CREAAC and get involved

At MnEEP,  we’re convening numerous voices and gathering insights through our College Race Equity Advocacy Advisory Council (CREAAC), a state-wide, multi-racial advocacy group working to direct and advocate for new policies to advance race equity in Minnesota’s higher education systems.


Learn more about our Race Equity Training Center

The MnEEP Race Equity Training Center is led by race equity thought leaders and experts in K-12 education, higher education, public policy, and research.

Higher Ed Toolkit

Become a MnEEP Member

Become a MnEEP member at the student, individual, or organizational level today and get access to MnEEP events, news, alerts, tools, resources, and more!

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Check out the slideshow

View today’s slideshow for informing the Race Equity in Higher Ed Convening conversations, insights, and goals.

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Share the SOSOCAI report

This Executive Summary of the 2023 State of Students of Color and American Indian Students Report details five case studies using the CLEAR Solutions Framework to demonstrate the effectiveness of centering Culturally Validating Pedagogy and Leadership (CVP/L) in delivering educational experiences for POCI students.

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Connect with us

Reach out to let us know how we can help you or your higher-ed institution build racially equitable policies and practices to increase race equity and education excellence for Minnesota’s POCI students.

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